A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

First time even attempting something like this and I kinda hit burnout a week in but, hey! Here it is! I actually did it so I'm proud of me.

This was a concept I've been kicking around a while and I sort of jumped on the Game Jam to finally force myself to work on it. Definitely not one of my best works but like I said, first time ever making something like this so I'm not even gonna remotely attempt to dump on myself. There's a lot of images that aren't in this game as a heads up, so don't worry about the grey screens when you bump into them.

I'd originally planned to do more but ran into some serious time constraints due to juggling other projects alongside a 9-5 job. Still, proud of myself for finally making a game.


TheGreatestHeist-1.0-mac.zip 12 MB
TheGreatestHeist-1.0-pc.zip 27 MB

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